The exact date of the commencement of the Band’s activities is unknown. In 1861 the Victorian Friendly Society had to engage the services of

the Moreton and Campden Volunteer Rifle Corps Band to lead the traditional march before its annual feast, a band that was then practising in Blockley 

 under the direction of the church organist not being ready to perform in public. The church organist’s name was James Keen of a family long established

in the Blockley district.  If not the Band’s founder he was a prime instigator in its establishment.

           The first recorded public performance was in 1866.  No records exist of the history of the Band, but mention of its activities occurs regularly in 

 newspapers of the day.  Several books on the history of Blockley refer to the Band and a number of photographs taken through the years serve to prove continuity.

           One regular engagement was the playing at the penny Bible readings held in the Village Hall.  Probably the most prestigious engagement undertaken was the playing at the wedding of Lord & Lady Northwick in 1870.

            Interest in the Band has varied over the years; the Band has however enjoyed the services of many dedicated and talented members.  In earlier years these 

were all from Blockley or neighbouring parishes, but the changing social pattern, particularly accelerated over the past two decades, has led to the 

present position where the Band attracts players from a wide age range and variety of backgrounds of the four shires.